Benefits of dental veneers

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3 Under-Looked Benefits of Dental Veneers

Ever feel affronted by your smile? Or experience the dreaded social awkwardness when someone in your party pulls out the phone and says the word that’s like nails to a chalkboard – Smile!

It’s all well and good when you’re comfortable with your smile, but what happens when you’re not? Chances are, when you feel any level of awkwardness about your teeth or gums, like most, you’ll do what you can do to hide the imperfections. From the instant you’re consciously aware of yellowing or stained teeth, to what you think are abnormal gaps between your teeth, or a gummy smile or a picture-perfect metallic filling that’s glaringly obvious the instant you move your mouth.

…All of these can be improved with dental veneers.


Instant Benefits of Dental Veneers

Custom solutions for a variety of smile problems


Dental veneers are make-up for your teeth, but unlike mouthguards, they stay in place every day and every night. Professionally fitted with high-quality bonding agents and designed with precision to fit your teeth for the intended purpose, you can achieve a complete smile makeover using just dental veneers.

Veneers can make your teeth appear straighter, cleaner, whiter, and they can change the shape and length of your teeth. Right after fitting, you’ll be eager to have your picture taken with the biggest smile your face has shown in a long time.

Look Younger Instantly

The signs of ageing are difficult to reverse. A range of procedures are available but none as simple and with the instant gratification of seeing yourself look naturally younger with a whiter smile.

Ageing takes its toll on everyone. Eventually, your teeth will show the signs of everyday wear and tear, be it with cracks, chips, fillings or begin to fade in colour making your smile look dull.

Custom dental veneers - whether made of porcelain or porcelain laminate materials – can always give your smile an instant makeover, helping you look your natural age.

Best Confidence Booster Ever

When your confidence is affected by any cosmetic problem, it’s likely showing in your interactions with friends, family, co-workers and everyone else you interact with.

If you aren’t comfortable with your smile, it can make social occasions awkward. Dental veneers are the fastest way to get over cosmetic dental issues by instantly improving the look of your teeth without any significant work involved. The only thing required is some light prep work, some design work to tailor the veneer to your tooth (or more) then the veneer is fitted over your tooth and fixed in place permanently.

The most unexpected benefit most don’t know is this:

Dental tourism can you save you hundreds per tooth without sacrificing on quality or taking unnecessary risks. High-quality veneers fitted by experienced dentists should last for years. The procedure is as simple as a single consultation when the dentist will consult with you about the work, the process involved and the results to expect.

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