Dental implant prices abroad (and in Poland)

Dental implant savings

Are you interested in travelling abroad for dental implants? If you are, the logical question to address is what the dental implant prices abroad are. We’ve researched leading international healthcare databases to bring you the lowest prices among the top ten international destinations for dental tourism.

According to, the top 10 international destinations for dental tourism are:
1. Mexico
2. Indonesia (Bali)
3. Spain
4. Turkey
5. Malaysia
6. Philippines
7. Poland
8. Costa Rica
9. Hungary
10. Thailand
A cross-check of those destinations with Medigo’s pricing comparison; we can arrange the pricing for dental implants from the lowest price to the highest….

1. Turkey comes in cheapest with starting prices at £385
Next is
2. Poland with an average price of £448

3. Mexico is £690
4. Hungary is £718
5. The Philippines are higher with a starting price of £800 per dental implant
6. Costa Rica has prices starting from £823
7. Indonesia (Bali) is £875
8. Spain costs around £876
9. Thailand prices start at £921
10. And Malaysia costs an average of £937

These prices are only comparing the cost per implant, though. There are additional costs you need to factor in to the total cost of dental implants as the prices can soar quickly.

Additional costs include:

- The price of a consultation with the dentist
- The cost of dental impressions
- X-Ray costs
- CT scans if applicable
- Any follow-up visits, including air and hotel fees
- The price of each part of an implant – that’s the root, the abutment, and any crowns,
bridges or dentures required
- The entire cost of surgery, including the use of the theatre and anaesthetic required to have the work completed
- The cost of any emergency work should anything go wrong that isn’t covered by the dental practitioners’ insurance or your travel insurance

Factoring for every potential cost is impossible, which is why every dentist will list the price of dental implants with ‘from”. That’s just the price per implant, not additional work. For this reason, when you are price comparing dental implants abroad, you really need to be getting written quotations. This generally requires an upfront consultation.
Within some of the top European destinations, some dentists exquisitely cater to the international market, specifically targeting high dental cost countries, including the UK, France and the US, where the cost of cosmetic dental work is extremely high. In a lot of the Euro States such as Poland, it is possible to get a free consultation, but be sure to check the fine print as the fee may be deducted from the final bill. This can also be the case of additional work such as high-res CT scans which could be a deductible cost from the final bill if you book within a pre-set time frame from your initial consultation; otherwise the consult and x-ray fees could be payable.

To get the best price for dental implants abroad, it does pay to shop around; however, a good starting point is requesting an itemised quotation from any international dentist you’re considering. That way, you will know if travelling to Turkey for a dental implant costing £385 (average) per tooth with additional consultation fees and other medical fees, could prove to be more expensive than travelling to Poland for an All-on-4 (full arch dentures held in place by just two implants) for thousands of pounds less.

For dental implants under £500 per tooth, Turkey and Poland are the only destinations closest to the UK with reasonably priced airfare. Both are EU states so abide by high-quality control standards and are regulated with strict standards, so the quality of care is high. The experience is going to be different depending on which country you travel to, as these are two different cultures, although both are filled with heritage. In any case, travelling to have dental implants abroad is nearly always going to result in cost savings when compared to the high prices in Britain.