Orthodontic braces abroadDental braces in Krakow, Poland

Savings £1750 per arch (top or bottom)  I  Time required for brace placement: 2-3 day visit.

We do fit 3 types of orthodontic braces in our clinic in Krakow, Poland:

- Standard metal brace
- Porcelain / cristal brace (hardly visible, very aesthetic)
- DAMON or TenBrook braces (works quicker then other ones)

Below you can view some before and after pictures of one of our recent patients:

Braces in Poland before

OrtoBottom before

Braces Top Before

Braces in Poland after

Orto Bottom After

Braces Top After

These video animations below help you understand most common orthodontic procedures
Alignment options

There are a number of ways to correct crooked teeth.You can have fixed metal brackets and coloured bands, you can have clear brackets and bands which are less visible (most popular option in our clinic) or you can choose a clear positioner which is even less obvious.
Brace placing

A bracket is fitted to each tooth. A wire is then connected to each bracket and coloured bands secure the wire to the brackets. Many different band colours are available.

Slowly, over several months, the wire is shortened pulling the teeth gently into line.
Clear brackets

Instead of the traditional metal brackets and coloured bands clear brackets and bands are available to make the device less visible.