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Polish My Smile have over a decade’s experience providing satisfied customers with full smile makeovers by getting dental implants abroad. The two main reasons people come to us are 1) it’s cheaper to get cosmetic dental treatment abroad, and 2) not all cosmetic dentistry is available on the NHS and for those who are eligible… getting an appointment and the treatment completed isn’t the fastest.

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For those who have to go private for cosmetic dental treatment, travelling overseas is the only way to access cost-effective treatment. Depending on the extent of the work you need doing, getting the procedure in the UK could have costs so high you’d need to remortgage your home to afford it.

In our state-of-the-art clinic in Krakow, Poland, we have fully qualified, English speaking, experienced dentists with all the modern equipment necessary to provide excellent dental care to patients the world over.

Prices for European dental work is significantly lower than the cost of British dental treatments, and it’s nothing to do with the standard of care, the experience of dentists, or fewer regulations. It’s all to do with the cost of living. Anywhere with a lower cost of living, will have lower prices across a variety of industries, including dentistry.

Rooms can be rented in quality hotels in Krakow for under £50 per night. A 3-course meal in a decent restaurant averages less than £15 per head.

While Poland is a Member State of the European Union, like Britain, they still have their own currency. Zloty. It is abbreviated to ZL. In 2019, £1 Sterling can buy 5 Poland Zloty.

So, not only does getting dental implants abroad work out cheaper, you can get a superb budget break away into the bargain. The City of Krakow has been described as one of Europe’s hidden gems with plenty to see and do.


What’s involved in getting dental implants overseas?
  • A couple of trips to Krakow, maybe more depending on the extent of your treatment
  • One will be a consultation and starting the work. At the consult, a full mouth x-ray and CT scan may be required and is far cheaper than you’d be billed at a UK Private dental practice. We use the latest 3D scanning technology and equipment on the market.
  • A treatment plan will be discussed, and if you’re happy to proceed at this stage, we make a follow-up appointment to start treatment and spend the rest of your trip exploring the city.
  • On your return, you’ll experience efficiency as you’ve never seen. What you’d be used to taking multiple appointments at your regular dentist can be done in one appointment. All our dentists speak excellent English and are good with nervous patients too.

Safeguards for Dental Tourism Abroad

Dentists in Poland are required to be registered with The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists who regulate the dental industry. To maintain registration and continue to practice, dentists have to demonstrate they have up to date skills and knowledge every five years. In addition to being registered with the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, Dental Clinics are further regulated by the Ministry of Health. Our clients can be assured that our dentists are highly skilled, proficient and up to the job as well as operating in the clinically sterile environment you’d expect for any medical clinic.

The Quality of Our Dental Implants Abroad

Being a dental clinic with patients travelling from overseas for treatment, we take your trust seriously and only use the highest quality and world-leading brands for our dental implants including Friadent, Mis and Alpha Bio. Knowing the high quality of materials used for dental implants, we can provide a full guarantee for up to 10 years.  

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