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In our dental clinics in Krakow, Poland, we aim to deliver excellent value for money. Our dental services abroad cost up to 75% less than in the UK’s practices. Generally speaking, you can save £1,100 on each tooth implant, £600 on porcelain veneers, and £450 on crowns done in our clinics in Poland. Prices for other popular dental treatments are also around two to three times lower with Polish My Smile than in Western European countries. Such a low cost for our services allows our foreign patients to save an average of  £6,000- £7,000 with us.

What our patients say?

"I saved nearly £15,000"

I was quoted over £20,000 for dentistry in the UK compared to the £5200 i ended up paying with yourselves in Krakow. The price was outstanding and the first thing that attracted me to your clinic in the beginning. Could not believe the saving that was quoted to me, and had to investigate further and pay a visit to the clinic. Was not disappointed. Would like to thank you all once again for my experiance which is life changing for me and will always remember it

Kevin Baker, London



"It cost me less than a half"

I needed extensive dental work doing that would have cost upwards of 6000 pounds in the UK. My first dental trip to Krakow was for a consultation. I arrived at the clinic and was greeted warmly by the kind staff, and I also noticed (much to my surprise) that the facilites, clinic itself and equipment were much more modern looking than anything I'd seen in England. I informed the Dr of the treatment I wanted, and he immediately told me it was possible, and provided me with a quote minutes later; contrary to the UK where I was constantly told of the complexity of the procedures I needed, referred to multiple different dentists, and quoted ridiculous costs. My treatment required 3 more visits over the next few months, and I couldn't have been happier with the level of service and more importantly the outcome of the treatment I received. It cost me less than half of what I would have otherwise paid in the UK, and received what I believe would have been better results. Also, the PA side of things was immaculate - I changed appointments several times and each request was met with warm efficiency. The whole process could not have gone smoother, and I would strongly advise anyone who can't afford the ridiculous cost of dentistry in the UK, to conisder using this company.
Simon Gardner, London


"Professional and cheap"

Overall, we found the Dentist, the Surgery and all connected with your Company to be fully up to date with all modern technology (far more so than English Dentistry in our opinion) and the standard was definitely much better, even though the cost was considerably lower. Back home, my wife was quoted £2,500.00 to have two new crowns fitted (these would probably have been the crowns with the metal inserts). In Poland she had 6 fully porcelain crowns fitted, route canal treatment and cleaning, all for £2750.00. I had 8 fillings and full cleaning done for £340.00 and the last time I had one filling at a Dentist in England, it cost me £90.00.

Cliff Morrison, Bristol



"Great service for affordable price"

All my work was £3,100.00. My husband had an extraction, 3 dental crowns and a porcelain bridge and that was £780.00. I had 14 porcelain crowns and 2 bridges and my teeth look fantastic.The price was great but the dentists are wonderful, caring and dedicated. The whole of the staff were friendly and kind. We couldn't fault the dental practice.
Elizabeth Jones, Liverpool

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