Dental guarantee in Poland

Medical guarantee on dentistry in poland

In our dental clinics in Krakow we offer the following medical guarantee on our treatments:

   Crownsveneers and bridges: from 2 to 5 years.
   Dental implants: up to 10 years.

Many of our foreign clients ask us what might happen if something goes wrong with their dental work performed in Krakow, once they return home.   


Please note that complications on treatments performed by us are extremely rare, as all our patients are treated by experienced dentists or surgeons in the-state-of-the-art facilities, fitted with the latest dental equipment. However, in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, our clinics in Krakow will automatically offer an extended "peace of mind guarantee", which includes:

        Medical guarantee on most dental treatments performed in our surgeries - from 1 to 10 years
        Refund of up to £200 in total for travel and hotel expenses for your extra visit*

As mentioned earlier, dental complications are very rare, if the diagnosis and treatments are performed by top specialists.  With this additional "peace of mind" guarantee however, you will feel even safer during and after your dental treatments. We're also confident that none of other dentists offer a similar comprehensive guarantee scheme.

When it comes to the materials our dentists and specialists work with, only the best will do; we search the world to provide you with those that have received international recognition and acceptance:

       Implants: the leading world brand Friadent, Mis and Alpha Bio.
       Crowns: Procera - the best crowns available, and top quality zirconium.
       Bone Regeneration: Swiss BioOss and BioGuide materials.


* We will refund up to 100 British Pounds in total towards hotel costs and 100 GBP in total towards air fare. The refund offer is available only to patients who have a valid medical guarantee issued in Polish My Smile clinics in Krakow and correction treatments are carried out within this guarantee.