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Below are examples of real cost savings that our patients have made by having a dental treatments done in our clinics in Krakow. In order to prove the amount they have actually saved, we also included the copy of original treatment plans those patients had received from their local dentists in the UK prior to having the treatment with us. For privacy reasons, we have hidden the name of the patients and the clinic details. Under each UK treatment plan, we included the costs patients have paid in our clinics for exactly the same dental procedures.

Price comparison 1

This patient spoke to a cosmetic dentist based in the UK about standard porcelain crowns. The UK dentist charged £800 for the same treatment which costs just £190 in our Krakow clinic. Even fully-ceramic Procera crowns, regarded as some of the best crowns available by dentists, would have cost less than half what the standard crown would have cost in the UK.

The work was completed for the patient during two short trips. She was so pleased with the results of her treatment, as well as the massive savings, that she allowed us to use a copy of her original UK treatment plan on our website.

Original quote from the UK dentist

Comparison with our quote with savings that he made

Price comparison 2

The quotation shown below was generated for the placement of three dental implants as well as a six-unit bridge on the top set of teeth. The quote was provided by a UK clinic, totaling between £9,500 and £13,000 depending on the laboratory which was chosen. This quote is for standard porcelain crowns only, and no CT scan was given prior to the quote being provided.

The patient approached our clinic for a quote for the very same work. The same placement of three implants and an identical six-unit bridge came to £3,800 in total, representing savings of more than £5,000 on these standard crowns. We also compared our price for the highest-quality, full-porcelain crowns and discovered the cost in our clinic would be less than £5,000, allowing the patient to save over £8,000 on the cost of the work in the UK.

The treatment plan showed no indication that a bone graft was required, meaning the work could be completed over three short trips. The travel and accommodation expenses were predicted to be just £500 in total.

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