The benefits of dental holidays

Dental treatment abroad is becoming hot news; more people are realising the beneficial impacts of combining dental treatment with a holiday and whilst some people lament the invention of dental holidays, for some it is essential in caring for their teeth. 

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism picture
Dental tourism is opting to pay for medical or dental treatment abroad

This is where people opt to have dental treatment abroad. Some people choose to stay in Europe – such as the package we offer to Krakow in Poland – whilst other opt for further, far flung places. The choice is really yours.

The advent on the Internet, along with a renewed sense of consumer power, now means it is easy for people to research and find dental practices abroad. For many dentists, having a website here in the UK is essential as most NIHS dentists rely heavily on private patients. This dentists practicing abroad also realise there is a market in inviting British patients to their clinics for treatments that are cheaper, but of the same high quality.


Heard the horror stories?! Let get some myths de-bunked

Certain stories in the media recently have highlighted that some aspects of medical treatments and equipment may not be up to same standard that we are accustomed to here in the UK. The breast implant scandal is one such story. However, it is fair to say that the majority of dentists offer treatments, using dental materials and other pieces of equipment that are of high quality.

Detractors of the dental holiday also point out that the English of the dentist and assisting team may not be too good, meaning the opportunity for miscommunication is ripe. Making sure that the dental team understand your concerns and fears, as well as your dental wants is essential.

Some treatments, just as you would in the UK, require several visits and for some people, the thought of flying back and forth between the UK and Poland, for example, is too much. As a result they opt to stay in the UK to either seek treatment or do nothing.

And finally, some people will tell you that opting for small treatments abroad is not ‘worth it’ but, they then go on to say that complex treatments can be painful – and you will be miles away from home and comfort.


Dental clinics in Poland, as well as in other countries, have realised that they are offering an invaluable and competitively priced service to British patients and the equipment and treatments they offer are of the highest standards. It is not in their interest to let people down with shoddy work etc. Booking through a reputable company like us can also give you a greater peace of mind.

The majority of dentists, and their staff, speak very good English; so much so, that people are often surprised as to how little a language barrier there was. On our dental packages, you will also be escorted by an English speaking representatives so all your worries and concerns can melt away…

The cost of flights to Poland, for example, are competitively priced; some budget airlines can be as low as £41, although prices and taxes can vary.

We do understand, however, that a dental holiday to Poland to fix a wobbly filling is not an economically viable option BUT, for those people looking to have more extensive dental work, it is worth looking at the option of a trip to a Krakow dentist with us.

The statistics

There are no ‘official’ statistics or data for the number of people travelling abroad but according to there are some figures available:

4 years ago, as many at 70,000 British people travelled abroad for treatments, including dental treatment and the reasons why were listed as concerns over UK hospital cleanliness, waiting lists as well as what some people see as the extortionate cost of dental treatment here in the UK.

Some people are quoted astronomical prices for having cosmetic dental work completed although it now seems the dental treatment abroad, such as in Poland, can be half the price – but with the same high quality of treatment, care and customers service.

Is it time you joined the crowds?

Avoiding long waiting lists is a common reason for people to seek treatment abroad

With so many people being satisfied with their treatment abroad, isn’t it time you took a look at what is on offer in terms of dental treatments in Poland?

Here at Polish My Smile, we have helped hundreds of people get the smile they want by investing in high quality dental treatment or dental cosmetic work in Krakow, Poland. Call us for more information and to book your visit.