Dental implants abroad

You save average £1000 on each tooth restoration. In most cases two visits to Krakow, Poland are required.

Tooth implant
Multiple implants restoration
Pictures of 4 implants done in Poland
Before you travel for teeth implants abroad
The advantages of dental implants
Teeth implants aftercare
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What's involved in getting dental implants overseas?

  • A couple of trips to Krakow, maybe more depending on the extent of your treatment
  • One will be a consultation and starting the work. At the consult, a full mouth x-ray and CT scan may be required and is far cheaper than you’d be billed at a UK Private dental practice. We use the latest 3D scanning technology and equipment on the market.
  • A treatment plan will be discussed, and if you’re happy to proceed at this stage, we make a follow-up appointment to start treatment and spend the rest of your trip exploring the city.
  • On your return, you’ll experience efficiency as you’ve never seen. What you’d be used to taking multiple appointments at your regular dentist can be usually done on one trip to Krakow.  All our dentists speak English and are good with nervous patients too.

Teeth implants fees abroad

Dental treatment       Cost abroad
(starting price "from")
Cost in the UK
Implant consultation

X- ray picture

CT scan 

Implant insertion

Implant abutment

Standard implant crown

All on 4 implants

All on 6 implants

Bone regeneration (per unit)

£0 - £20*



















* The cost of consultation and Xray is free for patients who book
the dental holiday package with Polish My Smile. 
Prices based on exchange rate 1GBP = 5.3 PLN.


Pictures of 4 implants completed in our clinic in Poland

The patient presented on pictures below used to wear a denture before he came to Poland. He had many missing teeth and the best solution for him was a restoration on implants. As a result he had 4 implants inserted abroad and 8 unit implant bridge permanently attached. 

Results of dental implants procedures abroad

Before you travel for teeth implants abroad

 Dental implants are replacements for your natural teeth. If a tooth is missing, cracked, or infected due to gum disease requiring it to be removed, you can have a false tooth implanted to fill the gap, and give you back your bite. It’s not for everyone though.

Dental implant insertion
Dental implant insertion picture

Just as you have to care for your natural teeth, you must care for your implant too. The implant will be fitted to the bone in your gums using a titanium screw. If you are a heavy smoker, or the cause of the tooth loss was due to poor dental care, then you should consider alternative options such as full or partial bridges that are fitted in place with a bonding agent, rather than a permanent screw into your bone structure. That is provided your bone structure is strong enough to support a dental implant.

Good oral hygiene is essential for long-lasting implantsIf tooth decay due to insufficient care of your natural teeth was the cause of cosmetic dentistry being required, then think of your implant as a second chance. Only you and those you tell will be able to know you have implants. To the uneducated eye, they cannot be told apart from your natural teeth. To ensure they remain that way, you need to maintain them.

Fortunately, our dentists abroad have enough experience and qualifications to do the most demanding implantation, including options with bone regeneration or sinus lifts. Moreover, you get long lasting medical and "peace of mind" guarantees on treatments performed in our clinics in Poland.