Our skilled, experienced and highly-educated dentists in Poland specialise in all forms of modern dentistry, including cosmetic reconstructions like veneers and crowns, teeth & tooth implants, bridges, oral surgery as well as endodontic work (root canal treatments). This ensures that we are able to treat any dental problems that our patients might suffer from. 

Teeth implants

Dental implants are regarded as the best option for restoring missing teeth (single or multiple). They provide the longest-lasting solution to missing teeth, give a natural looking appearance and confidence to eat and smile. 

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Porcelain crowns (caps)

tooth crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of an earlier prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a healthy-looking tooth. It is an ideal restoration for teeth  that have been broken or weakened by decay or a large filling.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are made from porcelain crowns connected together to form a larger reconstruction which permanently replaces single or multiple missing teeth. Bridges are usually made of porcelain  bonded to precious metal.

Aesthetic veneers

Teeth veneers are ideal way to ensure chips, misalignments, gaps and discolorations are corrected. They are easy to apply and look very natural, due to their thin but strong structure.


Other dental treatments

If you require cheap dental treatments in Poland which are not listed above, including fillings, teeth whitening, dental braces, dentures, surgical procedures or other type of work, please contact us via email provided with the description of the problem. We promise to get back to you with more information.