Genuine testimonials on our dentists abroad

Since 2007 Polish My Smile have helped more than 4000 Britons to restore their smiles abroad. Many of our customers left post treatments feedback about their dental experience in Poland. Below you can check how they rated our Polish dentists in Krakow.

BBC radio interview with one of our patient

Jon Cuthill from BBC Radio Solent talks to one of our patient on their dental experiences in Poland. Listen to the interview with June Dowling, who has finished an extensive dental treatment in our Krakow clinic (you need Flash player to listen to it).

Colin Shields finished treatments in Krakow

Colin Shields, one of the greatest UK’s Ice Hockey Players of all-time has finished full smile makeover in our clinic in Krakow (you can read more on his prolific sport career on Wikipedia). 

Once he retired from sport this year, he also decided to improve his teeth, that were “little” worn out after years of professional hockey playing. And he did it with us!

 This is what he said about his dentistry experience with Polish My Smile in Krakow, Poland:

Overall I was and am extremely happy with the experience and procedure. I know it took a little longer than expected but the way the clinic handled the delays was good. They really did show a lot of care for my health and for me being happy with the final product.

Dr Karolina was fantastic. She really did go above and beyond to make sure i was happy with what i was having done. I felt she did a lot of extra things to make sure my teeth were going to be healthy long term too!

The apartment location, cleanliness was great too. Very close to the city center and easy to get around. The apartment had all the necessary amenities that were expected.

The airport pick up and drop offs were also perfect, the driver was very friendly and easy going. 

Thanks again for helping and look forward to hopefully sending some more customers your way.”

Many Thanks

Colin Shields

Joasia and Colin in our dental clinic in Krakow
Colin writing on his Twitter page about experience with Polish My Smile.

 And this is a little gift that we received from Colin:

Our dentists abroad reviews

Marie Frost

       Review by confirmed patient

Excellent service, highly recommend !!!

Excellent treatment at very affordable prices. I would not of been able to afford my new teeth in the UK.
 I had extensive work carried out,  I had been without back dentures for over ten years. Dr Bart and his staff helped me regain my confidence by giving me eleven porcelain crowns/dentures. I can now go out without being ashamed and its wonderful to be able to smile again. The dentist and his team made me feel so comfortable whilst in their care. He has a very good sense of humor, and all the staff are so friendly. I fully recommend “Polish My Smile”.

Robert, Bristol

Theresa Thompson

       Review by confirmed patient

Friendly staff and top quality instruments

I have found Polish My Smile to be great value for money compared to other UK based dentists. The work carried out (root canals & inlays, crowns) was pain free & the quality was excellent. Will definitely recommend them to others.

Cliff Morrison

       Review by confirmed patient

I saved at least £5500

We can honestly say we are more than happy with the dental treatment we received in Krakow.The quality was of the very highest standard, the speed was amazing and even taking into consideration two trips to Poland involving 2 nights/3 days each, the total price was less than half what we would have paid in England. We found Dr Darius was very proffesional, spoke very good English, was pleasant and honest, explained things simply and was generally a very, very good Dentist. Oh and he didnot hurt either !

Overall, we found the Dentist, the Surgery and all connected with your Company to be fully up to date with all modern technology (far more so than English Dentistry in our opinion) and the standard was definitely much better, even though the cost was considerably lower. Back home, my wife was quoted £2,500.00 to have two new crowns fitted (these would probably have been the crowns with the metal inserts). In Poland she had 6 fully porcelain crowns fitted, route canal treatment and cleaning, all for £2750.00. I had 8 fillings and full cleaning done for £340.00 and the last time I had one filling at a Dentist in England, it cost me £90.00.
Unfortunately, Dentists here very rarely give written quotes, therefore I am unable to send any. However, it is pretty clear that in total we have saved literally thousands by choosing your Company and coming to Poland. We do not know about anywhere else in Poland, but if people come to Krakow, not only can then have their Dental work done immaculately, quickly and cheaply, they can also stay in (probably, for dental treatment), the most beautiful city in the world.

Paul, I would be happy for you to pass on my E-mail address or phone mumber to anyone from England who is contemplating having their dental work done in Krakow, but who is still a bit sceptical

Louise Hurley

       Review by confirmed patient

Very reliable and efficient

First thing, I would like to say I am thrilled with the work that Dr Anna did, my teeth look brilliant, I feel so confident now and ready to smile all the time. My teeth look so natural, and the price I paid to have them one has surprised relatives and friends here in the UK. I was quoted £6000 for the crown work at the dentist here just for the lower jaw and I have had both upper and lower done for a little over half of that. Several of my friends and work collegues have been so impressed with the work they are considering having treatment done them selves. What I found very good was that I wasnot waiting weeks for the treatment to be completed. I had 2 visits to krakow in a month and at the end of that time I came home with a beautiful set of even white teeth. Also, any one visiting krakow will be impressed with the city. It is a lovely place with plenty to see and friendly people to meet

 George, Doncaster

Karen Hutchinson

       Review by confirmed patient

The clinic is pristine, with superior equipment

Firstly, I need to thank you all for the excellent treatment Ted and I received at your Clinic. We had a great stay in Krakow and completely pain free treatment. The clinic is pristine, with equipment far superior than the UK. All the staff, especially Dr. Anna were wonderful, we’ve not had attention like that here. Ted has a full set of dentures, but his UK dentures were ill fitting and looked awful, he tended not to wear them they were so uncomfortable. His new dentures are tremendous, they fit great, look great and he can eat out with confidence now. He has a great smile and never takes his ‘new teeth’ out. Myself, I was initially disappointed I wasn’t suitable for implants. However, I have a new top denture which is amazing. The work on my lower jaw included 4 root canal treatments, 7 porcelain crowns and a removable bridge with 2 zips. My dentist in the UK would have removed my remaining bottom teeth – thank goodness I came to Krakow! I now have a full set, I can eat comfortably, and my smile is amazing. I have loads more confidence now that I have nice teeth. Two dental trips to Krakow, once for 4 days and again for 10 days and all our treatment was complete – there are no huge injections here – treatment is completely pain free. The cost of treatment was 50% less than the UK, and the standard of treatment far superior. The level of dedication, professionalism and friendliness was amazing. I recommend this clinic to everyone. Thank you all. Karen

 John, Birmingham

Elizabeth Jones

       Review by confirmed patient

Great service for affordable price

I am very happy to give you feedback. My dentist didn’t offer the kind of specialist treatment I needed so he recommended another practice. I had a ten minute consultation (£80.00) and was told I would have to lose virtually all my bottom teeth, have dentures that would need to be removed at night and that the cost would be approximately six to seven thousand pounds. I was extremely upset and did not want, nor could I afford that solution. I looked on the internet and found Dentists in Poland. I sent off my query and Peter rang me. He was so kind and easy to talk to. I explained my situation and agreed to come to Kracow on a three day visit. I brought my husband with me and I have to admit I was very nervous. We were met at the airport by Paul, he spoke excellant English and he soon put me at ease. We went straight to the Dental Surgery and met Dr Magda. I had Xrays and a plan of treatment within the hour! I was very grateful to find I did not need to lose my teeth and after advice from Dr Magda I found I could have crowns and bridges. I began my treatment the evening I arrived, (dentists in Poland don’t close at 5) and came back the following week for 5 days to finish. The time was necessary for the technician to make my crowns and bridges. All my work was £3,100.00. My husband had an extraction, 3 crowns and a bridge and that was £780.00. I had 14 porcelain crowns and 2 bridges and my teeth look fantastic.The price was great but the dentists are wonderful, caring and dedicated. The whole of the staff were friendly and kind. We couldn’t fault the dental practice. We stayed in apartments booked for us by Peter both visits and they were both fine. Paul is always available to help and interpret where needed. Kracow is a wonderful city, easy to walk around and very friendly. I was nervous going abroad for treatment but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dentists in Poland make it easy for you. You are taken to and from the airport and you are taken care of every step of the way. I thought the dentists were fantastic, we both did.

Elly King

       Review by confirmed patient

First class service from start to finish

I needed extensive bridgework and dental implants and there was no way I could afford the cost of the treatment in the UK. I checked out a number of clinics and in the end I chose ‘Polish My Smile’. Their clinic is very modern and hygienic and very friendly staff. They organised transport to and from the airport in Krakow and booked you into a local hotel.

Even with the cost of treatment, air flights and accommodation, the savings I made came to a little under 50% I would recommend ‘Polish My Smile’ to anyone.

June Dowling

       Review by confirmed patient

The best dentist I have ever had

I have had very extensive dental treatment done with this company and I am extremely happy with all that’s been done for me, the Dentists and staff have all been absolutely brilliant, not forgetting polish my smile agent , thanks Paul for making it all possible for me.

Joan Malone

       Review by confirmed patient

The dentist who did my work was very competent

I was absolutely delighted with my implants and crowns. For the first time in my life I have straight teeth. The staff at the clinic were polite and courteous and the dentist who did my work was very competent. I don’t believe that my own dentist back home could ever have done such a superb job. The standard of dentistry in Poland could not be better. I would be delighted to recommend it to anyone

 Chris, Bristol
Nick Paul

       Review by confirmed patient

First class service for a fantastic price !!!

Just a quick message to say how delighted I am with the results of my trip to Poland. I imagined I was just coming for a consultation but managed to have a new bridge and  teeth whitening completed in 30 hrs from start to finish!

Please pass on my thanks to all the staff in the clinic who provided a first class service for a fantastic price compared to the UK.
Jon Spicer

       Review by confirmed patient

Friendly, reassuring and professional

I had a bridge and some crowns fitted and some cosmetic enhancement to my front teeth. Service was excellent. All the staff were very
friendly and professional. I was impressed with the quality of the work and very pleased with the results.

Frank Sumner

       Review by confirmed patient

Excellent service in a relaxed and caring environment

Nobody wants to go to the Dentist? My experiance with Polish my smile, has killed off that myth; exceptional service,with results greater than I hoped,confident that I wont need to return!but should the case arise,well then its back to Poland,where I know I will recieve great value for money.

Bill, London

Roger White

       Review by confirmed patient

Professional and cheap

I could not be more pleased with the treatment i received at the clinic in Krakow. My teeth were in a terrible state and i had forgotten how to smile, i was very embarrassed to open my mouth. The dentist very quickly and very professionally repaired all my teeth and gave me back my smile. Now i cant stop looking in the mirror and smiling. Having the treatment in Krakow was the best choice i have ever made and it saved me a fortune, i was quoted £7.000 in this country but all i paid in the Krakow clinic was just under £3.000. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of having treatment abroad to chose the Krakow clinic its clean, professional, cheap and the dentist is stunning, which always helps. Once again thank you for everything”

Carol White

       Review by confirmed patient

Quality of work was excellent and obviously the price is great

I am very happy with the result of dental work performed in Krakow by Dr Anna the quality of work was excellent and obviously the price is great. Could not have got all my treatment done in the UK in 10 days. Price is at least half of what I would have paid in Scotland also was told I could not have bridges done it would have to be implants and when I went to Poland there was not a problem getting bridges done. Standards in Poland are excellent the clinics are very clean the facilities are excellent and the dentists are very qualified and I would say they are of better quality than some in the UK. I would definitely recommend Dr Anna to family and friends and have been singing her praises since I have been home

Rachel Cummingham

       Review by confirmed patient

The dentist has an amazing attention to detail

I had a Denture since the age of 11 years old, my teeth were uneven in colour and stuck out a bit. I needed a reconstruction to my upper teeth, and two bridges were made so that I would not have to wear my horrible denture anymore. This took 3 visits to Krakow. Initially to assess my mouth and take impressions, then to cut down my existing teeth, more impressions and measurements, then gum preparation on my upper palate. Then on the last visit my new teeth were there waiting for me, just a further layer of porcelain and they were fitted, wow what a difference!! I am extremely happy with the result – I gave a short interview and said it had exceeded my expectations in the look of my teeth and how it has changed the symetry of my face and my smile, so much better. I do not have any reservations about smiling anymore, I used to hide behind my hands when I smiled because of embarrassement. I would also like to say that the dentist who did my work for me has an amazing attention to detail, and that is just what is required for this type of work. He makes sure everything is perfect, this can be a time consuming business but if you are patient and happy to wait for your “end result” then it is well worth it! I would recommend this company – for attention to detail and price and organising all the getting to the Clinic and back to Hotels/Airports – faultless. I do not have a quote from a dentist but know that each thing I needed done was about half the price of what they charge here in UK. Thank you also to you Paul for a very “slick” operation, I was always met at the Airport (this is important as a female travelling alone) and taken to the Clinic excellent, thank you for all your organisation. With thanks, Rachel

Gemma, Manchester

Mark Berg

       Review by confirmed patient

I am very happy with the dental treatment I received in Krakow

I would like to say that I am very happy with the dental treatment I received in Kraków. I did not know precisely what treatment I needed before coming, however I had very sensitive teeth and had a broken veneer that needed replacing. I received eight fillings, a new veneer, and whitening. I was very happy with the speed of service, which was fully completed in the two working days I was there. The price was what I expected, and the quality was perfect. The staff were very professional and likeable. As for comparison to the UK or Sweden (where I currently live), I cannot give you an exact comparison, however I would estimate it would be roughly half the price compared to Sweden and a third of that in the UK. I have never been to a clinic in the UK (due to NHS waiting times) or Sweden (due to the expense) so I cannot compare quality. But I am very pleased with the result I had in Kraków. I have recommended dental treatment in Poland to friends and I enjoyed my stay in such a beautiful and cultured city. I will likely return for further treatment (for wisdom teeth removal) in the new year