How to replace missing teeth?

Teeth can be lost through a number of different reasons – it might be because of a disease, gum or tooth infection, an accident or other mechanical damage. Apart from aesthetic reasons there are other medical considerations that need to be taken into account when having a missing tooth. The bone around the lost tooth area shrinks over time which can then cause the gum recession as well as affect the neighbouring healthy roots. Speech and the ability to properly grind food is also affected, especially in cases when there are a number of missing teeth present.

There are a few options available for patients with missing teeth. These are:

1. You may choose to have a denture, but over time, your gums will recede and the denture may not fit as it once did

2. Dental crowns, bridges or even dentures supported on dental implants are currently the most popular teeth replacement restoration. Implants can support either individual tooth or a set of artificial teeth. One tooth restoration on a single dental implant starts from £980 in our clinics in Poland. The cost includes the consultation, surgery, the world class implant with a guarantee, abutment and the crown.

3. Some patients may be able to opt in for a dental bridge fitted in our clinic in Poland. For a full mouth restoration on bridges patients need to have at least 6 healthy teeth in a jaw. This is also a cheaper option compared to implants with bridges costing from about £650 for a 3 crown restoration.