Dental veneers in Poland

Get a "Hollywood Smile Makeover" with porcelain veneers fitted in our dental clinics in Poland

Savings: £350 - £600 per tooth | Time required: One or two short visits to Krakow

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth, just like a false fingernail fits over a nail. They make teeth look natural and healthy, and because they are very thin and are held in place by a special strong bond very little preparation of the tooth is needed. In our dental clinics in Poland, you can have a new set of veneers done over just one trip to our state-of-the-art detnal clinics in Krakow. 

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Before and after porcelain veneers pictures

Dental veneers in stages

Chipped or uneven tooth

1. A problem - chipped or uneven tooth/teeth

The tooth is prepared for a veneer placement

2. A tooth area is prepared by a dentist. 

The tooth veneer is placed

3. The custom-made veneer is placed over the prepared tooth

The tooth covered by veneer

4. The new veneer is permanently attached to the tooth area

Dental veneers make discoloured and damaged teeth look shiny and also protect them from any further damage. The treatment is also recommended for reducing gaps between teeth or to make unattractive crooked teeth appear straighter, without having to use dental braces. 

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