Are you considering using dentists abroad for cosmetic dental treatment? Depending on the extent of the work you want/need to be completed, the savings can be huge.

As is the case with a lot of dental procedures, the bill is scarier than the trip to the dentist itself. Our service aims to reduce the costs of dental treatments while providing patients with the most professional, internationally accredited dentists abroad, experienced in performing a range of dental procedures.

More info on our dentists in Poland

Dentists at Polish My Smile in Krakow have completed their undergraduate degrees and, in many cases, have travelled to various countries in Europe – as well as other parts of the world – in order to gain specialised training and pursue advanced dentistry degrees.

Each of our dentists abroad are fully insured, and have been licensed to practice in Poland by our Department of Health. Many of them also belong to globally-recognised organisations, such as:

When it comes to the materials our Polish dentists and specialists work with, only the best will do; we search the world to provide you with those that have received international recognition and acceptance:

We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with the work we do for you, that we offer the following dental guarantee:

  • Crowns and bridges: up to 5 years.
  • Dental implants: up to 10 years.

Standards of dentistry abroad

Contrary to popular belief, the standards of care overseas are incredibly high. Of course, this depends on the country you choose to see a dentist. In developed countries,the savings on cosmetic dentistry abroad is due to the lower cost of living and not because the dentists lack modern equipment, technology or experience.

In developing nations, the standard of care may not be as high, nor have the regulatory oversight to provide assurances and ensure there are hygiene control practices in place, ensuring a clinically sterile environment for dental procedures to be carried out with minimal risk of infection.

Developed countries, such as Poland, where our clinic is based in Krakow have high clinical standards and robust safeguards in place to ensure the quality of treatment is of the highest standards.

It’s estimated that half of the medical tourism industry is dominated by dental tourism. Patients are choosing to cross borders for cheaper dental procedures abroad including for, veneers, dental bridges, tooth implants, crowns, orthodontic care and even root canal treatment, benefit from cheaper dental care with a high quality of care.

For some patients, the option to use dentists abroad isn’t really a choice, but rather a necessity. Unlike other NHS services which can be free, NHS dentistry is not, and there are waiting times too. Unless you’re choosing to use a private dental practice, you’ll need to wait in line for treatment.

The cost of dental treatments in the UK

NHS dental fees span three bands. A band one treatment is (currently) £22.70  and that only covers an examination, an x-ray, diagnosis and advice. Band two treatments are the first band up for dental treatments covering fillings and tooth extractions. It should be noted that NHS fillings are amalgam fillings. Porcelain and ceramic fillings, which last longer, are not covered by the NHS. In 2019, band two dental treatments rose £3, bringing the cost per treatment to £62.10. Dental crowns and false teeth fall into a band three tariff, which rose by £12.80 recently, now costing £269.30. Prices are based for costs in England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different costs, and patients can contribute up to 80% of the cost of treatment.

For those who want to bypass waiting times and opt for private dental care, the prices will be higher, sometimes significantly. Take for example a root canal treatment, which is a band two on the NHS costing £62.10; privately you could be paying upwards of £900. Using a private dental clinic abroad, such as our practice in Krakow, Poland, our patients typically save 75% on the cost of root canal treatments. Further savings are made when patients require multi-root canal treatment animation.

Overall, across all our treatments provided by our dentists abroad, our patients save between 50% to 60% on all cosmetic dental treatments provided, after accounting for airfares, transport costs, hotel stays and the small amount of tourism tax that may apply, as is the case with a lot of European destinations.

The cost of dentistry abroad

Dental treatmentCost abroad
(starting price "from")
Cost in the UK
Dental consultation £0 - £20*£80
X- ray picture£20 £90
CT scan £40 £250
Porcelain crown£240 £550
Veneer£190 £450
Implant insertion£560 £1100
Implant tooth£580 £1100
Teeth whitening £220 £350
Dentures£380 £750
All on 4 implants £5600 £9500
Bridge (per tooth)£240 £550

* The cost of consultation and Xray is free for patients who book
the dental holiday package with Polish My Smile.
Prices based on exchange rate 1GBP = 5.3 PLN.

Quality of care

The vast majority of patients considering seeing a dentist abroad are concerned with the quality of care and rightly so because follow up assistance needs considered. Patients choosing any package from Polish My Smile have the full assurance of our dental guarantee, which varies from two to five years for veneers and bridges with up to a ten-year guarantee on our superior quality dental implants.

Professional Assistance from Experienced Dental Tourism Experts

The team at Polish My Smile have over a decade’s experience in assisting (mainly) British people to access quality dentistry care on a dental holiday in Poland while assisting with travel arrangements, accommodation, and making the most of your trip to the City of Krakow.

Dental guarantee on treatments abroad

 In our dental clinics in Krakow we offer the following medical guarantee on our treatments:

Many of our foreign clients ask us what might happen if something goes wrong with their dental work performed abroad, once they return home.  

Peace of mind guarantee

Please note that complications on treatments performed by us are extremely rare, as all our patients are treated by experienced dentists or surgeons in the-state-of-the-art facilities, fitted with the latest dental equipment. However, in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, our clinics in Krakow will automatically offer an extended “peace of mind guarantee”, which includes:

As mentioned earlier, dental complications are very rare, if the diagnosis and treatments are performed by top specialists.  With this additional “peace of mind” guarantee however, you will feel even safer during and after your dental treatments. We’re also confident that none of other dentists offer a similar comprehensive guarantee scheme.

When it comes to the materials our dentists and specialists work with, only the best will do; we search the world to provide you with those that have received international recognition and acceptance:

 * We will refund up to 100 British Pounds in total towards hotel costs and 100 GBP in total towards air fare. The refund offer is available only to patients who have a valid medical guarantee issued in Polish My Smile clinics in Krakow and correction treatments are carried out within this guarantee.