All-in-One dental holiday in Poland

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Pearly White Smile in Krakow
For our new patients, we offer a 3 day all-inclusive dental holiday package to Krakow.

On such a short stay most of dentistry work could be started or completed. 

Dental holiday package in Krakow

The dental holiday package includes:

  2 nights accommodation
  Return airport transfers
  Dental consultation, the Xray picture, time for treatments reserved

What you can expect?

1. Luxury accommodation in the Krakow's centre for two people.

Accommodation in Krakow

2. Dental treatments done in express time by experienced dentists.

Dentists at work

3. Sightseeing tours to UNESCO's sites: Auschwitz, Krakow's centre and Wieliczka Salt Mines (for additional surcharge).

Holiday in Krakow

BBC movie on dental travel to Poland

​Don't know what to expect in Poland? Watch this BBC programme recorded in 2006, about Brits getting dental treatments in Krakow. Although this documentary is nearly 15 years old, and Poland have changed a lot since than, the difference between private dentistry prices in Poland and the UK remains the same.

Dentistry abroad movie

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The benefits of dental holidays

Dental treatments abroad is becoming hot news; more people are realising the beneficial impacts of combining dental treatment with a holiday and whilst some people lament the invention of dental holidays, for some it is essential in caring for their teeth. 

What is dental tourism?

This is where people opt to have dental treatment abroad. Some people choose to stay in Europe – whilst other opt for further, far flung places. The choice is really yours.

The advent on the Internet, along with a renewed sense of consumer power, now means it is easy for people to research and find dental practices abroad. For many dentists, having a website here in the UK is essential as most NIHS dentists rely heavily on private patients. This dentists practicing abroad also realise there is a market in inviting British patients to their clinics for treatments that are cheaper, but of the same high quality.

Heard the horror stories?! Let get some myths de-bunked

cosmetic dentistry reviews

Denise from East Midlands, one of our cosmetic dentistry patients is talking about her dental holiday experience in Krakow. 

Certain stories in the media recently have highlighted that some aspects of medical treatments and equipment may not be up to same standard that we are accustomed to here in the UK. The breast implant scandal is one such story. However, it is fair to say that the majority of dentists offer treatments, using dental materials and other pieces of equipment that are of high quality.

Detractors of the dental holiday also point out that the English of the dentist and assisting team may not be too good, meaning the opportunity for miscommunication is ripe. Making sure that the dental team understand your concerns and fears, as well as your dental wants is essential.

Some treatments, just as you would in the UK, require several visits and for some people, the thought of flying back and forth between the UK and Poland, for example, is too much. As a result they opt to stay in the UK to either seek treatment or do nothing.

And finally, some people will tell you that opting for small treatments abroad is not ‘worth it’ but, they then go on to say that complex treatments can be painful – and you will be miles away from home and comfort.


Porcelain crowns in Krakow review

Another our dental patient, Graham from Bournemouth is interviewed after finishing his smile makeover in our clinic in Krakow. 

Dental clinics in Poland, as well as in other countries, have realised that they are offering an invaluable and competitively priced service to British patients and the equipment and treatments they offer are of the highest standards. It is not in their interest to let people down with shoddy work etc. Booking through a reputable company like us can also give you a greater peace of mind. 

The majority of dentists, and their staff, speak very good English; so much so, that people are often surprised as to how little a language barrier there was. On our dental packages, you will also be escorted by an English speaking representatives so all your worries and concerns can melt away…

The cost of flights to Poland, for example, are competitively priced; some budget airlines can be as low as £41, although prices and taxes can vary.

We do understand, however, that a dental holiday to Poland to fix a wobbly filling is not an economically viable option BUT, for those people looking to have more extensive dental work, it is worth looking at the option of a trip to a Krakow dentist with us.

The statistics

There are no ‘official’ statistics or data for the number of people travelling abroad but according to there are some figures available:

4 years ago, as many at 70,000 British people travelled abroad for treatments, including dental treatment and the reasons why were listed as concerns over UK hospital cleanliness, waiting lists as well as what some people see as the extortionate cost of dental treatment here in the UK.

Some people are quoted astronomical prices for having cosmetic dental work completed although it now seems the dental treatment abroad, such as in Poland, can be half the price – but with the same high quality of treatment, care and customers service.


Flights to Krakow in Poland

Our patients book their own flights to Krakow and prices start from £50 for a return journey. All direct flights are operated by British AirwaysRyanairEasyJet or

Direct flights to Krakow
Airports with direct connection:
Belfast, Birmingham,
Bournemouth, Bristol,
Dublin, East Midlands,
Edinburgh, Glasgow,
Leeds Bradford,
London Gatwick
London Heathrow,
London Luton,
London Stansted,
Newcastle, Shannon

Why opt for Poland when it comes to dental treatment?

There are many countries that offer a variety of medical and dental treatments to British people willing and able to pay, with Poland becoming a popular destination. But why?

Why Poland?

As a country, it offers a high level of quality in both dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry too. Within its well regulated health system, Polish dentists use the latest and most up-to-date dental treatment techniques and equipment; the customer service is also second to none (why not read what some of our previous customers have said at But there is an added attraction – compared to the fees and costs charged in the UK, you can receive the exact same treatment for far less.

In fact, according to the International Medical Journal, an estimate 70,000 people will travel to Poland for treatment, making it the top dental holiday destination (these figures are estimates only Poland became a member state of the European Union in 2004, with the delightful city of Krakow recognised as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site. It is thought that customers can save around 50 – 70% on private dentistry fees in Krakow than if they paid for the same treatment in the UK.

Krakow picture
Krakow, a delightful city to spend a few days in - and why not opt for dental treatment too?

Dental implants, for example, are becoming a popular form of permanent treatment, with titanium implants in the UK costing around £2,000  each; in Poland the cost can be as low as £500 - £600 each.

City break and dental work

What is becoming popular is the option of having dental work completed, followed by a day or two looking around a city or area – and Krakow has a lot to offer. The second largest city in Poland, Krakow sits of the banks of the Vistula River, and is steeped in history being the second oldest city in the country, dating back to the 7th Century.

Once the capital city too back in the 11th century, it has a tradition of being the leading centre for academic, cultural and artistic life. It started as a small hamlet, soon thriving and developing into a busy trading centre and this importance has never left its streets.

Throughout the 20th century, it academic base began to grown and was soon hailed as the Polish centre of culturalism, where both Polish residents and academics flocked, as well as European artisans. The city boundaries itself are home to 760,000 people, but around its outskirts live a population of some 8 million people – estimated to live within 62 miles of the main square.

Poland, as we know, has a turbulent interjection in its past; invaded by Nazi German forces at the start of the Second World War, it witnessed unimaginable horrors. But it was not a city that rested on its laurels; fighting back after the war, Krakow, as the rest of Poland, is once again carving itself out as being a magnificent place to live, work and visit.

Its dental treatment options and great dental clinics are no exception – and it is no wonder that British patients are flocking here.

Why opt for treatment abroad – and in Poland?

Polish dentists, along with their dental teams are highly skilled, trained, qualified and experienced practitioners; they can offer a full range of treatments, including cosmetic dentistry at a fraction of the cost charged in the UK. Also, many of the dental practices employ dentists and staff who are also English speaking and so the myth that perpetuates of miscommunication and lack of understanding between dentist and patient is simply untrue. Other reasons are:

Polish dentists

•    Only a short flight away, Poland is accessible to the majority of people in the UK and hence, complicated treatment that may mean return visits is possible to Krakow.
•    Not only is the cost of dental treatment competitive, the cost of flights and travel to Poland are also competitively priced. Some budget airlines, excluding taxes, have been known to offer one way flights for £40
•    There is no difference between the standard of service or the quality of dentistry between the  UK and Poland but the lack of waiting lists, the ability to arrange appointments that are convenient and timely, as well as in a comfortable, hygienic clinic is proving attractive to British people